Charitable Companion Care

A Helping Hand Nonprofit Home Care Services

A Helping Hand serves individuals of all income levels and experiences. Participants who are unable to afford our Private Pay Program can apply for service through our Charitable Companion Care Program. Priority is given to those who need to access healthcare, experience food debt and cannot travel to the grocery store or need medication reminders.


Teams of volunteers from civic organizations, faith communities and campus clubs participate in the Charitable Companion Care Program by providing a morning of assistance with housework or yard work. There is no charge to the care recipient for these services. For larger groups and corporate volunteering, contact us to arrange your next volunteer experience.

For more information on our Charitable Companion Care Program – and to discover ways you can help – drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you!

A Helping Hand is unlike any other home care provider.

When you hire a for-profit home care agency, your money goes straight to the owners of the company. Participating in our Private Pay Program means that your money provides our services to someone who would otherwise go hungry or live in total isolation. Choosing A Helping Hand means you'll receive high-quality care from a local nonprofit – and help others who are experiencing the same need as you, at the same time.

We allocate 96.5 percent of Private Pay companion care revenue to program services, and have a waitlist for our Charitable Companion Care Program that continues to grow. Last year, 35% of our participants received assistance through this program – because of generous donors and volunteers.


Participants in the Charitable Companion Care Program are eligible to receive 2 to 3 hours of assistance per week, subject to volunteer availability. If you have a passion for life and sharing life with others, then our program is perfect for your next volunteer experience.

Government grants and local community contributions support this program and support others who need subsidized services, and we have many opportunities for you to get involved. Consider sponsoring one of our pre-health interns or donating to our medical transportation fund – the same cost of a cup of coffee could give an older adult a trip to the doctor.

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