Preparations for COVID-19


          In recent days, as we have spoken to our clients, their families, co-workers, our organization’s supporters, the real concerns for how COVID-19 will affect our community have come into focus. We want to assure all our stakeholders that we take this situation seriously and have already begun to enact necessary measures to protect those who mean so much to A Helping Hand. Our organization is dedicated to assisting seniors, even in the face of this health crisis. We are committing ourselves to assure everything is being done to shield and help the most vulnerable, so they are not left to themselves or being forced to face this threat alone.

           Our number one priority is not to risk the health of those we serve, or those who work and volunteer for AHH. We have implemented a screening process for our staff which seeks to identify caregivers who are at risk for contact with the coronavirus, or those who have already become sick. As per guidance of the CDC, we are asking all workers who have been potentially exposed to seek medical help, to stay home, and to not visit any of our high-risk elderly clients. Any caregiver that calls out will be asked pertinent health questions, so that we can make informed decisions on any associated on-going risk. In addition, our active-screening process will identify caregivers that have had any recent travel or been in contact with those who have been sick or quarantined. We know this will be a difficult process, and that sometimes we will error on the side of caution, but this a burden that must be taken.

           Despite these challenges, we know there are many that are counting on us. As health departments ask for individuals to isolate themselves, AHH is particularly familiar with the consequences of isolation in the senior community. We understand that seniors who can’t get out of their homes face a broad spectrum of risks to their health and wellbeing. So with this, we endeavor to do what we can to blunt the negative impacts of this outbreak on the senior community. We are leveraging our community partners to gather household supplies, which we will deliver to low-income seniors that wouldn’t otherwise have the resources to stock-up. With the utmost care, we will continue to provide in-home assistance for both paid clients, and for those who are served in our charitable program.    

           As the situation continues to evolve, AHH will take every effort to adapt, while providing safe, and critical services to our community. We will get through this by tightening the bonds that hold us together, taking care of each other, and never letting go of our faith in people helping people.