Not For Profit

A Helping Hand is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

A Helping Hand is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. This is more than a filing to us — it is our purpose. We exist to better the lives of those we serve and in turn, better our community.

From a business standpoint, being non-profit means that all revenue remaining after expenses is re-invested back into A Helping Hand programs and services. Last year, 35 percent of our clients received assistance through our Charitable Companion Care program because of generous donors and volunteers. A Helping Hand allocates 96.5 percent of its revenue to these services.

From a governance standpoint, being non-profit means that a voluntary Board of Directors serves without pay to determine our policies, monitor programs and services, and provide financial oversight. Some of the community’s most respected women and men serve on our Board and we are extremely fortunate to have their leadership. Their effort is collaborative to ensure the best possible service for our participants.

From a funding standpoint, being non-profit means that our revenue comes from a combination of government, private and charitable sources. Our supporters make it possible for us to offer services that earn no profit and to serve those who could not otherwise afford help. We ask that you explore our volunteer opportunities or make a donation, and join us as we improve the quality of life for all. A Helping Hand exists to support older adults and adults with disabilities – and we are able to do it because of supporters like you.

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