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Zarin’s clients are people first

Zarin had just finished her freshman year at UNC when she started interning with A Helping Hand. Like many people her age, she’d had very little interaction with older adults. She read Atul Gawande’s book “Being Mortal,” which piqued her interest in health care for older adults and prompted her to get involved with elderly members of her community. Through the internship, Zarin assisted one client on a weekly basis, and then filled in with other clients and worked in the AHH office as she was needed. This adaptability was extremely helpful to our office staff and our clients. If a last-minute need cropped up (as they often do!), Zarin was available to help out with just a few hours’ notice. Her flexibility and willingness to take clients to emergency doctor’s appointments or fill in for other companions who called out sick was invaluable.

Working with her clients one-on-one allowed her to get to know her clients well and hear their personal stories. As a future medical practitioner, she learned to get to know her clients as people first, and not just as patients with medical conditions, and to adapt to each client’s needs and personality. She also became cognizant of the challenges that many seniors face in everyday life — loneliness, lack of transportation, financial hardship, and little or no family or friend support systems. Zarin realized the importance of creating an inclusive and senior-accessible society, in order to allow older adults to participate fully in community life.

Since completing her internship, Zarin has remained connected to AHH and has continued to be an advocate for seniors. As an intern, Zarin helped us manage our social media posts, and she has continued to share many of our posts with her network to increase the visibility of issues that affect older adults. With just a few clicks, she shines a light on issues that are invisible to most.

Thank you, Zarin, for the incredible assistance you’ve provided for older adults in the community, and for continuing to be their advocate!

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